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Unbeatably sharp-edged, stable and sustainable. Discover unique luxury packaging from Guddenberg. Benefit from 100% design freedom, flexible production options and affordable manufacturing in Europe.

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Unsere Kunden

Describe to us what kind of product you are looking for.

In the first step we need to learn a few details about the desired project. Just write us an e-mail, use our step-by-step configurator, or talk to one of our experts.

  • Describe your desired product

  • Name the approximate batch size

  • Tell us something about your products / contents

  • What kind of product can be manufactured?

    Our packaging solutions can be fully customized. Our flexible production enables tailor-made packaging according to your ideas.

  • How long does production take?

    Our production time is between 4-5 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the project.

  • How much do they cost?

    Our price-performance ratio is on of the best in Europe. Prices vary greatly between different quantities, sizes and features of the project. Just ask for a non-binding offer.


Now it is our turn.

After we have received your request, we develop a suitable concept for you. You will get our offer and free samples.

  • Individual advice

  • Quick price information

  • Free samples

  • Is the service free of charge?

    Yes, our service is always for free. Our goal is to create a functional, sustainable, and well-designed solution.

  • What does it include?

    Our extensive experience enables us to find the most suitable solution for your project. We always try to keep a balance between efficiency, sustainability, and design.

  • Can I get samples?

    We are always happy to send samples demonstrating our high quality. Of course, they are free of charge. Our sample shipments include selected examples from other projects, as well as various material and finishing options.


Launch your project with us. We will take care of the rest.

Are you convinced of our offer, service, and samples? Then we are looking forward to receiving your order. Just send us your official PO or sign our offer.

  • You will get our order confirmation and wireframes for the data

  • We will check your data

  • We create a free 1:1 visualization of your project

  • I am having troubles or no experience with creating data. What can I do?

    No problem, our graphic experts will help you out and do it for you. This service is free of charge.

  • How do you measure the products or contents?

    To make it accurate it is very helpful if you send us your products. We will measure and send them back as quick as possible.

  • What is the visualization for?

    Our visualization gives you a detailed impression of the product we are going to produce. This facilitates communication and creates absolute security. If it looks according to your imaginations, you can release it and we will start production.

Start your configuration


On our customer list you will find the most renowned design and advertising agencies as well as hundreds of top companies from a wide variety of industries.


Luxury packaging for special products

Whenever the value of a product needs to be underlined or packaged in a way that appreciates its value, freely designable luxury packaging from Guddenberg is ideal. Our sturdy luxury packaging conveys classic values, durability and ensures unforgettable unboxing experiences.

Luxury packaging fully customized

Design your product without limitations by choosing from various models, materials, and refinements. Get inspired by our portfolio.


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Print and design luxury packaging

Do you prefer plain boxes with a reduced design? Or do you want an elaborately printed luxury packaging? At Guddenberg you have the free choice. Choose from numerous structured cover materials and finish your luxury packaging with logo embossing or UV varnishing. For print motifs and graphics, Guddenberg naturally also offers the option of free printable materials. Choose from glossy, matte or soft-touch finishes.

Luxury packaging in your desired format

We offer every required format without any hidden costs for tools.

Start your configuration

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Flexible inlay production for customized luxury packaging

In addition to 100% free visual design, luxury packaging from Guddenberg can optionally be equipped with customized inlays. For example, with sturdy cardboard inlays or foam inlays. This achieves a beautiful product presentation, as well as secure shipping protection.

Tailor-made accessory elements

As protection for your products, we are offering several solutions, for example made from cardboard or foam.

  • Protection

    Good protection by inlays with a perfect fit

  • Presentation

    Nice presentation through a functional fit

  • Accessoires

    Practical accessory elements like pockets and holders for documents

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inlay inlay inlay inlay inlay

Practical accessories for high-quality luxury packaging

In addition, Guddenberg offers practical gadgets for your luxury packaging. Attach compartments for cards, brochures or flyers to the inside lid of your luxury packaging. Or equip your luxury packaging with variable holders for pens, USB sticks and much more. This makes perfect use of the available space and creates an overall coherent and interesting luxury packaging.

Rigid material quality

Our packagings are made from solid cardboard and embodies quality and robustness.

  • Stability

    Rigidness for perfect protection

  • Durability

    Reusability, nothing to throw away

  • Sustainability

    Made from ecological materials

Stabile Materialqualität

Sustainable luxury packaging made from natural materials

Luxury packaging from Guddenberg promises the best product protection, advertises and inspires over long periods of time. We manufacture our luxury packaging from recycled base materials and use almost exclusively plastic-free materials. You can easily produce 100% compostable luxury packaging at Guddenberg.


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    How can I make a request at Guddenberg?

    You can contact us fast and uncomplicated via our contact form, by phone, or by e-mail. Just give us some information on your project and your contact will send you a non-binding offer by mail.

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    How does the ordering process work?

    If you accept our offer, we will send you our order confirmation and all necessary sketches for the data. If you have no experience with graphic programs, our graphic designers will support you. Afterwards we will visualise the data through a 3D-rendering.

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    What is the minimum order quantity?

    We produce from a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces. However, for the best price-performance ratio we suggest you considering higher quantities. Unit prices decrease strongly with a increasing number of pieces.

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    How can I order sample material?

    We will gladly send you a wide range of samples – of course they are for free. Just use our contact form and describe your products. If you have already received an offer, just ask your contact person.

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    How long does the production/delivery take?

    Depending on the order size and the order specifications it can take between four to fice weeks. We always specify the approximate delivery time in our offer. If you need the shipment until a certain date, it is possible to agree on a fixed date.

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    What are the design possibilities?

    We offer various cover materials, refinements (mostly print, embossing, silk screening), many accessory elements and tailor-made inlays. You can also freely select the size and type of the box within our production possibilities. We will send you different samples so you can make the right choice.

Use luxury packaging for your purpose

The uses of luxury packaging are as varied as the production possibilities at Guddenberg. Often, luxury packaging is used as high-quality product packaging, gift packaging or onboarding packaging. In addition, luxury packaging serves as a means of presentation at trade fairs oder events. Whenever a special value is to be underlined, customized luxury packaging is used.

The flexible production possibilities at Guddenberg leave nothing to be desired. We offer all types of boxes in the field of premium luxury packaging. Numerous cover materials, each with a unique look and feel, offer versatile options for designing packaging with a wide variety of appearances. Would you like luxury packaging made of linen, leather or with a metallic surface? No problem. Guddenberg can produce luxury packaging with any cover material.

We help you to find your perfect luxury packaging

To convey your advertising message, Guddenberg offers all finishing processes for branding your luxury packaging. For example, you can get luxury packaging from Guddenberg, with blind embossing, hot foil stamping, UV varnish or screen printing. The finishing processes can of course also be combined with each other. So you have numerous possibilities to individually design and print luxury packaging and get distinctive packaging that convinces.

Luxury packaging from Guddenberg promises the best product protection. If you decide to pack several products, an individual insert makes sense. This can be produced from foam or sturdy cardboard, for example. The inserts are specially tailored for your products and promise a functional and secure presentation.

Many have little or no experience producing custom luxury packaging. In this way, Guddenberg supports prospects and customers across the board. We help with the design creation, check your printing and embossing data. On request, we will create a packaging concept free of charge. We measure your content and take over the conception of a possibly desired insert. We provide samples of our luxury packaging free of charge and send everything that is important for a decision-making process. After receiving your order and print data, we will produce a virtual prototype. This creates security and facilitates internal communication in your company. Discover how easy it can be to produce luxury packaging.