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Slip-lid box with Foam inlay

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There is no perfect presentation. Something like that does not exist. However, there are packaging that perfectly embodies your company and your product, that shows who you are. A package in where everything looks and works the way you want it. And that's exactly why we offer you ideas for a successful presentation, from the choice of materials to custom-made inlays and logo attachments. That´s the way to create a packaging that fits to your business.


Packaging tailored to your needs

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Decide between a folding box, slide box, or slip lid box.

Folding boxes

The folding box is one of the most popular types of packaging. Folding boxes are variable, look chic and are great for presenting any content.

Slide boxes

For us, the sliding box is one of the most varied packaging: whether for gifts & advertising, fashion concepts or perhaps for sample collections?

Slip-lid boxes

Everyone knows them: slip lid boxes made of solid bookbinder cardboard, printed and laminated. Versatility is popular and many of our customers choose this type of packaging.


We offer all possibilities from premium to high-high-end. Our assortment covers a variety of materials that can be printed, embossed and finished as desired.

Decide on a design

Our claim is to find the perfect material for your packaging production. Our range includes hundred types of coatings made of various materials, with different looks and various haptics. Among the large crowd there are some favorites.

Design finelines

Finelines has excellent embossing properties. Blind embossing, hot foil embossing or color embossing are wonderfully effective. The through-dyed cover material finelinen is available in 42 interesting colors.

Design smooth

The classic print is laminated on request with a matt or glossy foil. Embossing, painting or engraving is possible. This allows packaging to be designed down to the smallest detail.

Design leather fiber

Leather fiber is a very robust material with excellent embossing properties. Leather fiber consists of recycled leather leftovers.

Design metallic

The material metallic is especially popular among our customers in the IT and technology industry. Metallic holds surprisingly soft, the material as a whole is very robust and not susceptible. Metallic looks particularly beautiful in combination with a glossy foil embossing.


In order to put your product in the best light, we offer you the whole spectrum of inlays and fixation possibilities.

Opt for an inlay

Foam inlays, cardboard inlays or practical storage compartments help to protect your content and present it in an appealing way. We help you choosing the right inlay and advise you on how to package your content as efficiently as possible.

Foam inlays

They are available in different colors, with different structures, in different strengths and qualities. The foam gets cut by laser or water jet. Foams primarily serve protective purposes, but the pretty look is a nice side effect. Foam is indispensable if you want to prevent the risk of damage to contents during transport.

Cardboard inlays

The cardboard inlay is combining several functions. On the one hand, it provides greater stability of the box as a whole, but also ensures the correct placement of your content. Cardboard inlays can be individually printed and are universally applicable. The matching inlay is developed by our design department.


Ganz gleich ob Sie es groß, klein, bunt oder schlicht mögen: Unsere Verpackungen geben Ihnen Platz für alles was Ihnen wichtig ist.

Increase the 'wow factor'

High quality packaging is used when attention to detail is just as important as the content you want to pack. Trump up!


How do you like it? Printed or with distinctive logo embossing?

What is your next branding?

Careful bookbinding processing with sturdy materials and well thought-out processing details awaits you. A tailor-made design with a large selection of cover materials and of course a lot of print finishes, which you can flexibly combine.

Hot foil stamping

In hot foil stamping, the die is pressed under heat onto a metallic foil. This film remains on the material to be embossed, resulting in a glossy relief and an overall striking embossed motif. The embossing foils can be embossed in different color variants, such as gold, silver or bronze.

Blind embossing

In blind embossing, the embossing stamp is pressed under heat onto the material that gets embossed. This creates a haptic level in the color of the embossed material.


The print material gets covered with a glossy or matt foil. The print motif can be printed in CYMK or in the Pantone color of your choice.


Magnetic closures, business card holder, shipping cartons & more.

Design makes it better!

In our opinion, extraordinary design means relying mainly on the basics. We focus on the key elements: clear lines, solid materials and functional shapes. Discover packaging which offers highest quality standards.



A banderole is a rather cost-efficient way to customize your packaging.

You can freely personalize the banderole according to your wishes. One advantage: you can easily adapt the packaging to different products by simply printing various banderoles.

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A loop supports an easy opening of your box.

You can choose between diverse materials, shapes and colours.

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Shipping cartons

If you are planning to ship your packaging, a suitable shipping carton is required to protect it.

We offer optically attractive solutions, completely adapted to your packaging.

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Refine your packaging with an individual punching allowing the beholder to get a first impression of the content while the box is still closed.

In order to protect the content, you can add a transparent window.

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Magnetic closure

The box is safely closed through magnets which aren’t visible to the viewer.

It is our most popular closure system.

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Push button closure

Your box is safely closed through push buttons.

Push buttons are visible and available in various sizes and colours.

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Velcro fastener

Known by other products as bags.

A velcro fastener can be a unique closure for your packaging.

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Elastic fastener

Available in different colours, widths and positions.

This closure system can become a very nice design element.

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Business card holder

An easy way to leave your contact data within the box.

Of course, the holder can be customized to special sizes.

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Triangular pocket

Cards, flyers or brochures can be attached easily.

The pockets can either be transparent or in a colour suitable to the packaging. Up to 20 pieces of paper can fit into it.

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Variables Ablagefach

Variable pocket

If you want to fit in a lot of additional content, a variable pocket is a great solution.

Available in different filling heights, sizes and colours, it gives you a lot of additional space.

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Variable Halterung

Variable holder

Perfect for every product which can be mounted with a rubber.

As the elastic fastener, the variable holder is available in different colours and widths.

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